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History of Mr. Bosley - Merrill’s Marauders and Bosley on Brady

Thank you for your interest in this movie poster. This movie tells the story of a group of American fighting men who heard and, without question, answered the call to duty. American boys, some of whom had never traveled more than 5 miles from their place of birth, found themselves in a jungle environment alien to almost each and every one of them, fighting an enemy that had attacked their homeland. 

This poster is here as a reminder of one such man: Calvert Edward Bosley. Boz was one of these young men. A child of the depression, his father passed away before Boz was in his teens. His mother raised his five brothers, sisters and him on wages earned working in a Baltimore can factory. When Boz was called to arms, he went. As he has often said, “The Army was the first time in my life that I had two pairs of shoes and three meals a day. All I had to do in return was to get shot at by the Japanese.” And shot at he was, as were his comrades. The bullet’s sting was at times the least of these men’s worries. Dysentery. Malaria. Dehydration. Starvation rations.

The loss of a home-town friend also in The Marauders. These all took their toll. In the end, only a small percentage of those who went in survived. To this day, the veterans of Merrill’s Marauders gather once a year. They are a proud bunch, proud to have served their county when called. There is a little talk of the battles or hardships, just a sharing of memories of a fading past. Year by year, their numbers dwindle, not from the maladies of the Asian jungle or from the lingering wounds of so long ago, but simple because of the march of time. Man can vanquish a mortal enemy, but no man conquers time.  

So, as you next pass this poster, pause in your thoughts and think of those who sacrificed so much for so many in lands so far away.  And when you hear of the young men of America’s modern-day Ranger Battalions, these men who wear a black and gold “RANGER” tab on their left sleeve, and when you read of the Special Forces, popularly known as the “Green Berets”, know that they trace their lineage to a humble group of men who were called Merrill’s Marauders. 

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