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Where moments are made - New stars among the top 30

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June  8, 2006
By: Dennis Getto

Late last June, I had a wonderful dining experience. I sat at a table in front of Bosley on brady with an old friend and watched the sun set.

As the two of us chatted, we shared bites of buttery grouper and mouthfuls of tender veal.

It was one of those moments that makes my job as restaurant critic for the Journal Sentinel one of the best in the world. When such moments surface, I want to share them with my readers.

I do that each week through my columns. But once a year, at the start of summer when many diners' minds turn to getting out and about, I compile a list of what I think are the 30 best restaurants in the immediate Milwaukee area.

Why 30? When the list started in 1985, there were only 25. But with the exciting growth of restaurants that's punctuated the area in recent years, I added five more in 1996.

The higher number lets me list expensive, special-occasion places along with spots that are more moderately priced. It also permits me to include ethnic restaurants. Milwaukee is still one of America's greatest cities when it comes to ethnic dining.

Despite differences in price and cuisine, all of the restaurants on this list share an important characteristic - consistently high quality.

And I don't just mean carefully prepared dishes that look as good as they taste. The ingredients are the freshest, and the highly skilled chefs and cooks often blaze their own culinary trails, turning out dishes that consistently beat the competition. In addition, the service I've experienced (while dining anonymously and still mostly unrecognized) has been pleasant, prompt and polite.

Inevitably, new places land on the list each year. This year there are six:

Bosley on brady, 815 E. Brady St., where diners can enjoy an atmosphere that captures the fun, feel and flavors of Florida's Gulf Coast, both in bright paintings on the walls and in many of the dishes, especially the grouper and other seafood.


Your doctor just told you to eat more fish


815 E. Brady St.

(414) 727-7975

Why it’s on this list: A fresh new approach to Milwaukee food with an emphasis on Florida.

What to wear: The outfit that you save for nice dinners when you’

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815 E. Brady Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202
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